Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center

Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center

Avoid the expense and aggravation of a court fight. We have conflict resolution services for families, couples, neighbors and business partners

Our services

There are many ways to resolve conflict – outside the courts!


Mediation is a voluntary process that enables the parties in all types of conflict reach a mutually-acceptable solution.

Mediation for Divorce

A voluntary process facilitated by two “co-mediators” leading to agreement that will be certified by the Family Court or bet din.


Counseling can help couples or families understand and manage the challenges and opportunities in their relationships.

Collaborative Divorce

A team approach to divorce proceedings involving lawyers for each side, co…

Parental Coordination

A process for divorced parents in high conflict situations that helps them communicate and reach agreement regarding their children’s needs.

What about the children?

Family crises inevitably affect children. Alongside our conflict resolution services for adults, we offer supportive services for children.

Education and community

The Center offers innovative educational programs and workshops designed to promote tolerance, mutual respect and effective communication.

Business services

The Employee Assistance Program helps employers provide confidential assistance to employees facing personal or interpersonal problems.

How does it work?

Conflict is both crisis and opportunity. At the Emek Hashaveh, we understand both dimensions of conflict– the pain and the possibility. That’s why we created Israel’s first “one-stop” shopping center for conflict resolution, offering a full portfolio of state-of-the-art services. Our commitment is to build a new culture of conversation around conflict, based on mutual respect. Together, we can find the path forward that is right for you.

  1. Call our hotline anytime (24/6) and leave a message. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours and we’ll set up an initial appointment — at no charge and no obligation.We can also provide proven tips for encouraging the other side to participate in the initial meeting.
  2. This get-acquainted meeting takes place at the Emek Hashaveh Center, located in the Modi’in Technology Park just off of route 443, midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.Here, you’ll meet Yehuda Yesharim and Hefzi Kopla, the Co-Directors of the Center. They’ll listen to the particulars of your situation, and together, you’ll decide on the best path for moving forward – usually mediation or counseling.  They will also explain our sliding-scale fee schedule, based on income.
  3. If you decide to move forward with the Center, Yehuda and Hefzi will refer you to a conflict resolution affiliate whose background and experience match your needs.In the case of mediation towards divorce, the referral will be to a two-person team of mediators who will manage your case.  The goal of these in-depth discussions will be to arrive at a set of agreements that can be written up and certified by the family court or bet din. Typically, this process may entail 10-12 hours, although depending on circumstances, more time may be needed.
  4. Throughout the process, Yehuda and Hefzi are here for you.If the process gets stuck, they’ll do their best to unstick it. Our commitment is to manage the conflict until it is resolved in the best way possible.

About Emek Hashaveh

The Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center was established in 2014 in Modi’in by Reuven Kruger, an educational entrepreneur raised and educated in the United States. According to Kruger, “In Israel, personal disagreements and political disputes often escalate since each side feels that it has a monopoly on the entire truth.  In our conflict resolution clinic, we are creating an alternative to this adversarial system where all parties are invited to the table, everyone is heard and there is genuine investment in reaching mutual agreement.”

The Center is led by two expert mediators, Rabbi Yehuda Yesharim and Adv. Hefzi Kopla. Ms. Kopla, a practicing attorney, is a secular resident of Modi’in.  Rabbi Yesharim is the rabbi of Lapid, a mixed community just outside of Modi’in.  Together, they are supported by a collegial network of fifty affiliates — mediators, arbitrators, counselors, lawyers, therapists and coaches who offer their services on a sliding scale.

The Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center seeks not only to manage existing disputes but to actively prevent future conflicts.  Inspired by Hillel’s dictum to “seek peace and pursue it,” the Center offers educational workshops and seminars for students, parents, teachers, municipal employees, youth groups and young couples. The Center’s acclaimed program for newly-married couples, Zug U’Prat, is designed to help couples successfully navigate future challenges.

The Center is a certified provider of mediation services for Small Claims Court and the Family Court System.


Our team

Reuven Kruger – CEO

Reuven launched the Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center in 2014 in Modi’in.  He has been active in the nonprofit sector since 1991. He has an Executive M.B.A. from the Kellogg program at Tel Aviv University. Resident of Jerusalem.

Yehuda Yesharim – Director

Yehuda holds a M.A. in Conflict Resolution from Bar Ilan University. Since 2005, he has worked as an educator and senior mediator, specializing in family cases. Yehuda is the Rabbi of Lapid, a secular community near Modi’in.

Hefzi Kopla – Co-Director

Hefzi is an attorney. She holds an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from Hebrew University. Hefzi is a senior mediator and directs the educational and outreach programs of the Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center. Resident of Modi’in.

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